On January 9, 2019 the world’s first seastead is now in the water off the coast of Phuket, Thailand built by the company Ocean.Builders. The single family seastead, named XLII (pronounced “ixly”), is a spar design seastead where a small fiberglass platform sits atop a large steel spar.

Seastead spar waiting to be towed out to sea

The steel spar is 20 meters long and 2 meters in diameter at 14mm thickness. The bottom is ballasted with concrete and sand. The spar can be filled with water to lower it during calm weather and it can be pumped out to bring the height up so that the platform is positioned high above the waves. The seastead is able to withstand 5 meter waves but will be sitting in the Andeman Sea where the average wave height is half a meter.

The platform is the living space, sitting several meters above the water. It is a six meter wide octagon shape with two floors. The bottom floor with a kitchen, bathroom, eating area and bedroom. The top floor is an open deck area covered by a solar panel frame which will create electricity for the seastead. The plan is to sell these seasteads at a price lower than the average single family home.

The spar was placed into the water last week and now with the platform in the water the full seastead is ready to be towed out 12 nautical miles to international waters and combined in its final sitting location among the islands of the tropical Thailand waters.

Ocean.Builders is a small group of entrepenurial engineers that are tired of talking about seasteading and are determined to make this thing happen.

More information is coming and can be watched here at ocean.builders as well as Youtube and seasteadtalk.org.

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