Ocean Builders will be building the next versions of our sea homes off of the coast of Panama and we are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, bright minds to join us in building for the blue frontier.

We have set up an incubator site right on the water overlooking the location where the sea homes will begin floating. We have 6 rooms available for tech enthusiasts to utilize in contributing their expertise to the project.

Here are the areas of expertise we are looking for to help move things forward:

  • 3D printing experts
  • Electronics/Arduino tinkerers
  • Water/waste enthusiasts
  • Energy aficionados
  • Fiberglass gurus
  • Other expertises

While we can build a basic home, we are looking to you, geniuses of tech, to make it the home of the future. From showerloop technology (which saves 70% of water) to smart home systems that will know what appliance to turn on based on the time of day and whom just walked into the room.

You will be in a house with other brilliant aquapreneurs and experts with food, housing, maid service and a perfect atmosphere for launching your new blue business.

Things are starting to move forward in Panama. Now is the time to get involved.

The paradigm shift has begun.

For more information about this unique opportunity click here.

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