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Ocean Builders is looking for aquapreneurs to aid us in building the home of the future. While we have many boots on the ground, we need many skilled individuals to participate in this growing new industry.

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Services we need

These are the types of service Ocean Builders is looking for

Fiberglass work

Our homes are being built mainly with fibgerglass. This will require a lot of skilled fiberglass work.


We have a lot of welding work that needs to be done. Mainly the rolling and welding of large tubes for our spars.

3d printer

We have the largest 3D printer in all of Latin America and need someone who wants to take on the task of becoming the expert of the printer.


We will be using GelCoat, Polyurea, Zinc coating and more. We need experts in these materials to add the needed coating onto our homes.


From Solar to batteries to getting the home completely wired with the latest technology, we need electricians who want to take this on.


We are moving forward on the most advanced shower technology and waste treatment that any home has seen, we need skilled plumbers who can take us to the next level of water and waste.

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Featured Projects

We have several projects we are working on which will come together to craft our new homes.

 Ocean Builders has already begun building the molds that will be used for our SeaPods and LandPods. This requires a lot of fiberglass work. The full house will be a foam sandwiched fiberglass vessel.

Our homes will have a nice coat of GelCoat or Polyurea to protect the fiberglass and give it a smooth shiny surface. We will do zinc spraying on our steel parts to help protect the steel from rust.

We are installing water saving technology to ensure that water does not get wasted from showerloop technology to misting shower heads which reduce water usage. Our toilet system will be advanced in order to provide a comfortable experience while being self sustaining. Many systems of water collection will be utilized from rainwater catchment to reverse osmosis systems.

Ocean Builders has purchased the largest 3D printer in Central and South America. We will be using this printer daily from printing molds to printing full houses. We will use it to build components and customize homes down to the smallest detail.

Freequently Asked Questions

how can a foreigner work in panama?

Panama has its own labor laws which we cannot advise on as we are not lawyers. We are able to hire companies to do work on our project for us. We are looking for companies to provide the various services.

how difficult is it to start a business in panama?

Ocean Builders has been through the process of starting a company and can help you do the same. It is a very simple thing to set up and if you own your own company in Panama, residency becomes very easy from there.

can't I just come down there and work for ocean builders?

Foreigners can work in Panama with a work permit but it takes several months to get the permit after you get your residency which also takes several months (residency usually requires having your own business or being retired).

I have no skills but I am passionate, can I work for you?

Every person coming down to help is great. We welcome everyone down to come help out. As a startup we can only put our funds toward construction and building our products for our customers so that they can have the best quality at the lowest price. But if you are enthusiastic and are down here we will likely find something for you to do eventually if you prove yourself. We can pay in Ocean Builders Credits that can be used to buy our products, but you are on your own for expenses.

what are ocean builders credits?

Ocean Builders credits are like a gift card, upfront payment option. Each credit is worth $1 toward any of our Ocean Builders products. They can be sold, traded or redeemed via our online wallet.

Do you pay relocation?

We can work out payment depending upon your experience and our need for certain services.

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Why Choose US

pioneers of a new industry

We are the first company to move forward in this new industry which will give us first mover advantage for years to come.

A One-Stop Shop

We are bringing down the best and brightest from all around the world. Your co-workers will be the best at what they do and you can feel confident that as a team you can create something spectacular.

we are dedicated to success

It is our goal to make something huge happen. We will not give up, no matter what. If you come work with us you will prove that you are in it with us and we will be loyal to you as all boats rise with the tide.

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