Ocean Builders is selling partial ownership of its SeaPods to allow people who cannot afford a full sea home to have partial ownership.

Custom Ownership

You will have your choice of which SeaPod you wish to have partial ownership of. Ocean Builders is working with a few companies to provide different ownership experiences depending upon the SeaPod, from timeshares to long term rental income producing homes to AirBnB rentals. You will be able to choose your preference and trade your ownership easily.


By reserving your shares now, you will be able to give your input on the products we focus on first (a luxury timeshare, low cost rental, etc.). We will focus on building your home in the order of share demand.

The minimum share price is set to $10,000. Your reservation today will be a $100 deposit to save your spot in the queue.

Your legal guarantee comes from a contract based on the registered SeaPod which will be flagged under Panama law. The contract shall stipulate all of the parameters of your shares and guarantee you rights under Panamanian contract law.



Minimum share amount $10,000
Deposit due today $100
Timeshare time per share 1 week
Payment method Bitcoin, bank transfer
Rental return per share Percentage based
AirBnB return per share Percentage based
Trading system OMNI Protocol
Flagged location Panama
Legal guarantee Panama Marine Authority
Legal vehicle Legal Panama Contract


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