Life above the waves.

Our homes allow for a comfortable living experience while the boats around you are pitching and swaying in the waves. Our shallow water version will be close to shore so you can experience all of the modern conveniences of living on land while enjoying your 360 degree ocean views.

Smart Luxury

The SeaPod will come equipped with an assortment of modern technology with the goal of self sustainability from water catchment, fresh water maker to your own energy system to power your home. We will be adding smart home technology to modern the various systems in your home and give you up to date information on your phone any time of day. Combining luxury, technology and sustainability our homes are one of a kind.


Kitchen built so you can entertain guests while having plenty of space.

Plenty of cupboard and counter space.

A modern kitchen with an open balcony allowing for a perfect entertainment experience for guests or a quiet evening watching the sun set.

Spacious bedroom with a view.

With plenty of storage space for your clothes. With built in drawers under the bed.

Closet that blends in with the wall next to the perfect sitting nook to take in the view.

The large bathroom has a large shower/bath using the latest technology to conserve water.

Enjoy a modern bathroom while still being environmentally friendly with an incinerating toilet.

Climb your way to the open top of your new sea home.

A spacious living room provides plenty of room for relaxing with friends.

With pop up furniture that allows you to have some office space when you need it.

Lower your desk into the floor when you need the extra space.


Ideal wave height .5 meters or less
Maximum wave height 3 meters
Max length 11.6 meters
Living Space 800 sqft
Storage Space 400 sqft
Energy System Solar, Natural gas, battery recharge
Water System Rain catchment, water maker
Waste System Incinerator or composting toilet
Electric System AC 110/220V  DC 12/48V
Internet P2P Mesh Internet (100 Mbps speeds)
Price $195,000


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