Ocean Builders manufacturing facility gets the first pour

Ocean Builders has begun it's first pour of concrete for the sea home manufacturing facility at the Linton Bay marina on the Caribbean coast of Panama. On a beautiful sunny afternoon the concrete truck rolled in to a team of local workers who had been hard at work the...

Bloomberg had to retract their statement that Chad and Nadia proclaimed their own nation

In a recent Bloomberg article about Patri Friedman's new venture Pronomos Capital Chad and Nadia found themselves caught in the crossfires in what appears to be the author's vendetta against Peter Thiel. The article stated: "In April a couple proclaimed their small...

Panama incubator opportunity for aquapeneurs

Ocean Builders will be building the next versions of our sea homes off of the coast of Panama and we are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, bright minds to join us in building for the blue frontier. We have set up an incubator site right on the water overlooking the...

Ocean Builders moves forward

Ocean Builders is moving forward at a new location! We at Ocean Builders have been working diligently since moving on from our successful prototype in Thailand. Now we are moving forward with the next phase.    Having proved that we can build in the open...

Ocean Builders is building in Panama

As many have seen on the Youtube show, Anarchast, we are happy to announce our new location. Panama Sunny, peaceful, hurricane free Panama will make for a great launch pad for this excellent new industry. Panama has long been discussed as an ideal location for a...

Protected: Independent proof that the first seastead was outside of Thai territorial waters

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A view from below the seastead

A view of the bottom of the seastead.

First seastead has been set up in international waters

The world’s first seastead, XLII, has been raised in international waters on February 2nd, 2019. The single family home already has 2 residents, Chad and Nadia, who have already moved in and are documenting their experience on the new seastead.

The World’s First Seastead is in the Water

On January 9, 2019 the world's first seastead is now in the water off the coast of Phuket, Thailand built by the company Ocean.Builders. The single family seastead, named XLII (pronounced "ixly"), is a spar design seastead where a small fiberglass platform sits atop a...

Preparing for the first seastead

Over the past few months we have been working on the world's first seastead. There are many people involved in shaping metal, welding, cutting, fiberglassing, measuring, measuring again, etc.  The process has not been easy but it will be worth it in the end. We will...

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