Many locals in the area are hurting for food and Ocean Builders, along with several other local businesses, has spent every week since the lockdown started distributing food to the most needy families in the area. It has been an uplifting experience seeing all of the smiles on the faces of the local Panamanians as we bring them some reprieve each week, especially heart felt is the smiles on the faces of the children.

Our COO, Chad Elwartowski, has put together a video for his First Seasteader Youtube channel with video of a few of our excursions here in Panama helping to feed the local people.

One of the local boaters who came to join us one weekend put together this great video of his experience.


While Ocean Builders has been contributing money and time for food to go to the locals, we have been overwhelmed by the support by our friends, families and colleagues in the US who have also sent money in support of our quest to keep the good people of Portobelo from going hungry in this most difficult time. We would like to publicly thank Chad’s 80 year old, retired mother Judy Elwartowski for sending money to help feed local Panamanians. Gabrielle Gilliland, one of the few Certified Seasteaders who is featured in the First Seasteaders video was quick to donate after seeing the video. Joe Quirk of The Seasteading Institute for a significant contribution that has fed over 100 families.

In addition to giving food directly to the local families in Portobelo, Ocean Buliders has been building a large building which we will use to construct our sea homes. This has put over 25 people to work while pouring money into Panama to construct the facilities that will be necessary to build as many floating homes as we can. Once we have finished construction we will be bringing in a significant amount of local workers to help in construction as we already have pre-orders for our homes and have been overwhelmed by the amount of people ready to bring their businesses to the region. We have no doubt that this area of Panama will soon be the hub of aquaculture technology for the Americas. And the fortunate part is that our floating homes will leave the land pristine and undeveloped, preserving the beauty of the area while building up the economy significantly.

We are working closely with local businesses like Panasea, who is building a sea cucumber farm, Open Blue who has a fish farm off the coast here (it has been fortunate that much of our work is similar and overlaps so we can help each other, Jolly Roger Diving who has been helping the locals and who we will be working with to help train future home owners in SCUBA diving, and of course Linton Bay Marina who has been the economic hub for the area for many years as they continue to upgrade their facilities to integrate our building into their master plan of serving the boating community. Each of these businesses has donated their time and money toward this most critical cause for the area and we have grown a strong bond working with each other over the past few months. We look forward to bringing many more businesses to the area that have the same passion for community as we all do.

Through our incubator program we have had over 50 technical experts express interest in joining us down here in Panama. We have had some of the smartest people in their industries visit us already to see how things are coming along and we have been in talks with some of the biggest investors in the world who are waiting on the sidelines to see how hospitable Panama is with respect to flagging our homes and accepting our floating homes in the anchorage here in Linton Bay.

It is Ocean Builders’ goal to grow with Panama and we hope to be a significant part of the new economy after COVID-19 has passed. The global Pandemic has brought us significant attention by people all over the world and we hope that this turns into prosperity for all of Panama as they struggle to make up for lost industries elsewhere.

It is our hope that Thailand’s loss is Panama’s gain. And we will do everything we can to make Panama the most successful country in the world as we move forward into a new paradigm shift of prosperity, together.

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