Ocean Builders is moving forward at a new location!

We at Ocean Builders have been working diligently since moving on from our successful prototype in Thailand. Now we are moving forward with the next phase.



Having proved that we can build in the open ocean, we will now focus on the engineering, manufacturing and sales process of getting as many of our floating homes built as possible. Here is our plan moving forward:


Phase 1

We will be building our new design of floating homes close to shore in Panama. Our spar design will be engineered so that it can float in shallow waters and be very stable. The homes we are building will be created using a 3D printer that is 20 feet by 16 feet which will allow us to build very detailed homes down to the millimeter.

During this phase the primary focus will be on tourism and businesses. Through things such as SeaBnBs, time shares and rentals. We want as many people to experience our new homes as possible.

We will be working closely with Panama to identify any legal matters related to our floating homes. We wish to pursue a flagging system so that owners of the homes can hold a title and claim ownership of their new home fully backed by the legal system of Panama.

The homes will be located in an anchorage very close to a marina in calm, protected waters. This allows for getting accustomed to living on the water while still being able to travel on land having easy access to groceries, supplies and the airport.

Owners that wish to have blockchain based ownership can do so through our innovative partner that will implement a decentralized system for controlling shares of an Ocean Builders home.

We will build prototypes at a smaller scale for both the shallow water versions and the deep water version to experiment with and enhance our design.


Phase 2

With manufacturing underway of our shallow water version we will begin testing deep water spar designs that are compatible with our homes. We will locate the new deep water spars a mile or two out in the water to give the full experience of being in the open ocean. This will allow us to have full testing of our design in higher waves and deeper water but still close enough to land for easy visits. We will be developing a dynamic mooring system which will allow the deep water home to stay in a relatively stable location while not being connected to the sea floor with an anchor nor mooring line.

We will build up several of the deep water floating homes working not only on our own design but with tech partners to provide things such as wave breakers and floating marinas for parking boats. This will include designing our own SWATH vessel which can be used to safely and efficiently travel across the waves with ease.

We will work on building a floating restaurant in the deep water while including other tourism oriented businesses such as a SCUBA destination and SeaBnBs.


Phase 3

Open ocean habitation.

Once we are able to live a mile or so in the open ocean, living further out is just a matter of scale and economics.


Talk to you soon neighbor.
-Ocean Builders

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