As many have seen on the Youtube show, Anarchast, we are happy to announce our new location.


Sunny, peaceful, hurricane free Panama will make for a great launch pad for this excellent new industry.

Panama has long been discussed as an ideal location for a floating industry with their two long coasts and international appeal with their massive canal. Panama is not frightened of a marine economy as the holder of the most boat registrations in the world. They are friendly toward boaters and have many marine facilities up and down both coasts.

Panama has the largest economy and most stable government in Central America. Panama City acts as a western hub for all of the Americas. They are rated as one of the top destinations for medical tourism. As a destination for dental work, they are world renowned.

One of the best things about Panama is their lack of a central bank. The national currency is the Balboa which is linked to the US dollar but the dollar is accepted everywhere. Even better, there is no law which requires any specific currency for transactions so settling a transaction in bitcoin is perfectly fine. There are already several Bitcoin ATMs in Panama and a thriving crypto community.

The government of Panama is also approachable, unlike our previous location. Ocean Builders, along with Blue Frontiers had several meetings with top government officials from the Ministry of Tourism all the way up to the office of the president. Everyone was very excited to see this great new tourism economy we are bringing to their country.

Linton Bay Marina

Ocean Builders has found the perfect marina to construct the future floating homes. Linton Bay Marina has the largest travel lift on the Caribbean coast of Panama, able to lift over 120 tons. It also has a sheltered anchorage at Panama’s northern most point just 2.5 hours from Panama City.

We just broke ground this past week on the facility we will be using to build our floating homes. In the next months we will have the building up and we will get to work on printing out our new homes with our massive 3D printer.

From our location on the grounds of the marina we can build the homes then use the marina travel lift to easily lower them into the water in a way that is much easier than how we did it with the prototype version.

Once in the water they can be moved to the anchorage just a few hundred meters away from the marina. The final location is just past the calmest part of the anchorage. The anchored boats enjoy the calmest waters while we have an area that is not desirable for typical boats (the half meter waves do not affect our homes while they are not comfortable for the boaters).

This ideal location is teeming with wildlife from beautiful fish in the water to friendly monkeys on the nearby island. The local SCUBA tour guides are excited about having our homes in the water, understanding that our homes will attract fish to the location as we proved with our prototype.

We have lined up a perfect waterfront location for an incubator house right in front of the location for our new seapods so stay tuned to find out more about that.

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