What about pirates?

Ocean Builders is partnering with the very successful Detroit security firm Threat Management Center to manage threats for our homes with the goal of de-escalating situations soon enough to allow for the nearby Panamanian police or border control to intervene.

What ever happened with Thailand?

The Ocean Builders prototype was confiscated by the Thai navy. We hold no ill will toward the people or government of Thailand. We understand that this was the act of one or two corrupt officials in the Thai navy which had too much power for their own good.
The key takeaway from our experience in Thailand is that we were able to prove an engineering feat that nobody has ever done before, allowing us to move forward in the next phase of this paradigm shift.

How do you get electricity?

We will be taking a three phased (pun intended) approach to launching our Ocean Builder homes. Initially we plan on being near shore so if we do not use solar we may be able to use shore power.

How do you get water?

We have several water sources in mind and were able to produce plenty of water on our prototype so rest assured, you will have water in your Ocean Builder home.

How much does one cost?

We are trying to keep the price as close as possible to an average US family home for the minimal home with the option to add features such as Air Conditioning, more solar, upgraded kitchen, etc.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Linton Bay Marina at the northern most point of Panama. The homes will be located in the anchorage right next to the marina in a protected area on the leeward side of an island.

Where does the poop go?

We are working on several options for this. Either composting or having a service for cleaning out the black water tank.

What about tsunamis?

One of the safest places to be in a tsunami is out in the ocean. A tsunami consists of the ocean swell rising very high to the point that it does a lot of damage to land. While we may be more vulnerable closer to shore we will likely fare a lot better than any home on the coast or further inland.

What do you do with your garbage?

On the prototype we followed the tradition of boaters and took our garbage into land when we were ashore. In the next phase we will likely have a garbage service for such things. Our hope is a drone garbage pick up service.

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