About Us

Ocean Builders is located at Linton Bay Marina on the Caribbean Sea in Panama. We are the first company to build a floating home in the open ocean with plans to build many more.

With a dedicated team of experts from around the world  we are ready to build your new home of the future.

Rüdiger Koch

Head of Engineering

Rüdiger Koch is an aeronautical engineer from Heidelberg Germany, formerly of the German Navy who spent most of his years as a contractor creating several advanced military and weapons systems for the air and sea.

He was able to put together his original prototype  of the floating sea home in the Andaman Sea and has taken the lessons learned from that first model to come up with a much better design, constantly improving and expanding the vision of living on the sea.

Grant Romundt


He is an early adopter and innovator of new technology and he had one of the most advanced mobile paperless offices in Canada in 1995. He lived in a tech “frat-house” in San Francisco with one of the 6 co-founders of PayPal.

He owns several businesses specializing in software development, video production, education, sales, and training. His customers include billion-dollar multinational companies like Wella Professionals, OPI, Clairol, Nioxin, Sebastian, and many others.

For the past four years, he has been living in a floating home and is now bringing his experience to Ocean Builders in order to mass produce futuristic floating homes.

Nadia (Supranee Thepdet) Elwartowski

Chief Sustainability Officer

Nadia has the great distinction of being able to call herself a first seasteader as the first female to live on a seastead. She is an entrepreneur from Thailand having sold products online as well as gaining an expertise in Bitcoin as Bitcoin Girl Thailand.
She has now put her focus on sustainability of the new homes as Ocean Builders’ Chief Sustainability Officer driving the vision forward of living on the sea harmoniously with the thriving ecosystem we plan to build.

Chad Elwartowski


Chad Elwartowski grew up in Michigan with visions of living in an underwater city. After retiring from 20 years as a defense contractor he set out to become the first person to live on a seastead and help it grow into something amazing.
As a first seasteader he brings along his expertise of knowing how life on the open ocean can be and what will be necessary for future customers to feel comfortable in their floating homes.

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