Panama Incubator

Calling on all aquapenuers to come build some exciting technology for the blue economy.

Sunny Panama

We believe that we are in the early pioneering days of a revolutionary new way of living and that entirely new industries will be born as civilization starts expanding into the sea.

We will start construction of the first full sized SeaPod home in January 2020.


We are looking for promising entrepreneurs, aquapreneurs, technology enthusiasts, electronics hackers, marine biologists and other people that are passionate about developing new products and services that a city on the ocean would need. You can participate remotely or be part of our Blue Economy Incubator Residential Program where you will be surrounded with like minded people.

3D printed homes

This will be the worlds first 3D printed,
smart floating home with an underwater
room wrapped in an eco restorative
3D printed coral reef.


Smart home

Smart home sensors using Arduino & Raspberry Pi and software developers for these platforms. We have over 150 smart home projects that need to be developed including building smart showers, smart glass that works as a window/computer touch screen and wave/weather sensors and many more.

Water Tech

Water Saving Technology like the Showerloop & Nebia

Coral Reef

Marine Biologists to help study and build coral reef restoration projects


Hydroponic/Aquaponics and grow walls

3D Printing

3D Printing Enthusiasts (we have one of the largest 3D printing robots in the world measuring 20′ x 8′ x 8′


Drone Enthusiasts for building aerial delivery service drones and aquatic observation drones.

Apply now

Apply now to be a pioneer in establishing the oceanic frontier. We only have space for 6 individuals and/or couples.

Contact us and write a note about how you would like to participate we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Spaces available


If I am chosen, what next?

If you are one of the lucky incubators we will need to determine what type of room you will need (couple, family, etc.). We will reserve the room for you and help you with your travel arrangements to come down to Panama.

Do I have to pay my own way?

You will need to pay for your travel to Panama and your monthly rent (which includes food and maid service). If you are starting a business we will work to match you up with investors that can help with funding.

How much does it cost per month?

Rooms start at $700 per month (including breakfast and dinner) for a single person. Couples are extra.

Can I bring my family?

We have space for one family in a separate villa with a bedroom upstairs and beds in the living room.


I just want to be involved, can I still come?

We look forward to having excited individuals come and visit us. Depending upon the demand for rooms we may have some extra rooms for people to come and hang out for a while.

Just let us know when you would like to come and we can see if there is any space open.

Otherwise, there are cheap hotels and hostels nearby.

We are also looking for investors and funders who want to help to launch the Blue Economy.

Join the Blue Economy Incubator Residential Program to be part of this momentous phase in developing the next stage of human civiliation! Incubator participants will have lodging in our Incubator house in a beautiful waterfront home on the ocean with 2 healthy meals per day.

About the incubator house


450 feet of waterfront with a view of the location where the Ocean Builders floating homes will reside.


A maid and cook will be included providing meals for breakfast and dinner so you do not have to worry about running to the city to buy food.

Open spaces

A large open space with a volleyball court on a well maintained lawn. Relax or go for a walk in this beautiful area.

Chill out spaces

Many spaces to chill out so that you can get away or hang out with your new friends at the incubator.

Follow our progress

Ocean Builders reaction to COVID-19 in Panama

Ocean Builders reaction to COVID-19 in Panama

Many locals in the area are hurting for food and Ocean Builders, along with several other local businesses, has spent every week since the lockdown started distributing food to the most needy families in the area. It has been an uplifting experience seeing all of the...

Ocean Builders manufacturing facility gets the first pour

Ocean Builders manufacturing facility gets the first pour

Ocean Builders has begun it's first pour of concrete for the sea home manufacturing facility at the Linton Bay marina on the Caribbean coast of Panama. On a beautiful sunny afternoon the concrete truck rolled in to a team of local workers who had been hard at work the...

Panama incubator opportunity for aquapeneurs

Panama incubator opportunity for aquapeneurs

Ocean Builders will be building the next versions of our sea homes off of the coast of Panama and we are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, bright minds to join us in building for the blue frontier. We have set up an incubator site right on the water overlooking the...

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