Ocean Builders has begun it’s first pour of concrete for the sea home manufacturing facility at the Linton Bay marina on the Caribbean coast of Panama. On a beautiful sunny afternoon the concrete truck rolled in to a team of local workers who had been hard at work the past few weeks preparing the ground for the footings of the building’s steel beams. Twelve holes, 2 meters deep will hold steel beams 10 meters high which will support not only the building but also a large crane with over 20 tonnes of lifting capacity. The whole foundation is being built for high capacity while following all local seismic guidelines to take into account any possibility of earthquakes.

Ocean Builders building site at Linton Bay marina

The building will be 30 meters long, 15 meters wide fully open on the inside for building of both the spars and final production of the SeaPod homes. Being housed at the Linton Bay marina provides an easy transition from the facility to the water by a short transport to the marina’s boat lift which can handle over one hundred tonne ships. This boat lift is the largest of its kind on the Caribbean coast of Panama which will allow Ocean Builders to grow its production to much bigger builds as time progresses.

When Ocean Builders was preparing to build the first 20 homes in Thailand, we had worked out a plan with a local boat manufacturer to produce the homes. This brought the manufacturing costs up due to relying on a third party to manage the production. Most seasteading projects talk about the ability to bring down prices over time by doing our own manufacturing once there is sufficient demand to justify such a process.

Ocean Builders is skipping ahead past the startup stages of hiring companies to build the first products to fully manufacturing the homes ourselves from the beginning. This should allow us to get a better product at reasonable prices to the customers. Ocean Builders is fully dedicated to getting as many homes built as possible so that we can grow the economy of the new frontier quickly.

We are bringing in some very talented experts to our incubator program to bring the latest technology advancements to your new home.

Our initial projections for building homes is two per month (less for the initial models) with the ultimate goal of at least three per day (it will be a while before we can reach that point). There is a large ocean out there waiting to be inhabited. It’s time to start building.

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