On February 2nd after almost a month of preparation and waiting for ideal wave conditions, Ocean Builders has raised the world’s first seastead in international waters 12 nautical miles out from Phuket, Thailand.

Sun setting as the team raises the platform for the first time

Ocean Builders has built a spar design seastead over the past several months which consists of a large steel cylinder that sits vertically in the water with a fiberglass platform sitting atop the spar which acts as the living space. The spar was placed into the water on January 3rd and the platform placed in the water a week later in preparation for this event.

Now, with the first single family home built to remain floating in international waters, Ocean Builders has set a new path for those that wish to seek a new frontier by living on the sea permanently without the interference of legacy governments.

While this is merely a prototype to prove the concept, two brave souls have already moved into the seastead and will be documenting their journey through the Ocean Builders website, Youtube channel and Facebook page. Chad Elwartowski and Supranee Thepdet (Nadia/Bitcoin Girl Thailand) are the first seasteaders but they are anxious to have many new neighbors come and join them.

Chad and Nadia celebrate the raising of the first seastead at a nearby beach

The next phase of the Ocean Builders plan is to make 20 more seasteads with an upgraded design which will include a deeper spar for even more stability and a living space which is not just a barebones prototype design but built around a quality living experience.

Those first 20 customers will get their seasteads almost at cost as a way of rewarding the pioneers willing to take a chance on something new. They will also be instrumental in setting the standards of seasteading governance and culture for those that come join them in the future.

To become one of the first seasteading pioneers and forge a new future with freedom loving individuals from around the world or just to get updates and information on what is going on go to https://ocean.builders and sign up.

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