While there are many pictures of the seastead above water.

Here are a few pictures from down below the seastead.

Below we have the bottom of the spar with fish floating all around. The bottom four posts were put there in case we had a large amount of up and down motion. The plan was to put some steel dampeners to prevent such motion. Fortunately there is virtually zero up and down motion (only a small sidewards movement when the waves hit the spar).
The ear on the side was because the contractor initially thought we were going to attach the anchor lines to the bottom of the spar. The anchor lines were then added to the center of the spar.

Bottom of the spar

Below is a view from the bottom looking up. As you can see, the fish have really taken to hanging out around the seastead. They love it. Previously we would visit the site to do some surveys of various things at that location and we hardly saw any fish out there. Now it like a fish sanctuary. We see dolphins and tuna around our seastead all the time.

Bottom view looking up

We have future plans to create a coral garden growing all along the side of the spar, much like someone may have a garden in their back yard. Using coralcrete we can create an artificial reef that should thrive with sea life. Being stationary we do not need to worry about growth on the “outer hull”. It actually helps with some of the sideward motion due to fluid dynamics.

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